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'What Is Advent All About?"


To Our Sons in the Holy Priesthood, sons and daughters in The Traditional Roman Catholic Church, Grace and Peace be with you all.


On November 30, 2014, we will celebrate the beginning of  another  Advent  season. Advent is a beautif ul liturgical season, full of significance  and hope,  yet, many  people do not fully realize the depth and richness  of  this holy    time.


What is Advent all about? The season of Advent makes our journey of Christmas more meaningful by revealing our deepest longing and greatest hope and teaching us to focus all of our desires upon Jesus Christ. Advent celebrates three dimensions of Christ's coming: First, His physical coming into the world some two thousand years ago, secondly, His coming into our hearts right now and finally, in His coming at the end of time as we know it.


My dear sons and daughters, as you journey through Advent, you will begin to understand Jesus more fully and recognize that His birth began our redemption and that His second return will complete it. Advent draws together the joy  of His arrival as a helpless babe with the hope of His return, when evil will finally be eradicated from our world.


As we are all aware, our world at large is experiencing so much unrest in the Far East and elsewhere. Leaders are at odds with each other. The problem of ISIS is a great threat to the West as well as the entire world. The unrest in the Neo-Modernist Church of Rome is demanding Catholics to accept a path that will cause still more conf usion.

Today, the power of the Church seems to have been transferred to, "the people of," which includes dioceses, base communities, parishes, movements and associations of the faithf ul. We as Traditional Catholics are called to remain faithful and loyal to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The path to take in this confusing situation, is certainly not that of taking the place of the pope and bishops in the governing of the Church, whose supreme helmsman in any case is Jesus Christ.

Let us pray that the Lord of Peace will give us the peace that only He can give. May the Advent season keep your focus on the real reason for the season. It is not your birthday celebration, it is the Lord's. Do not let yourselves get involved in all of the shopping, gift-giving or the spending of unnecessary funds to celebrate Christmas. Christ is Christmas.


We look forward to the celebration of the Mass of Christmas here at the Metropolitan See, on December 24, 2014-10:00PM Eastern Standard Time, USA, and December 25, 2014-10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, USA. If you are unable to watch the Solemn Pontifical Mass celebrated by Us, please watch the You-Tube on our website: .


May God through His Son, Jesus, through Mary, bless you and your families, especially the children.


Given on the Twelth Day of November, being the Feast of St. Martin I, Pope and Martyr, in the year Two Thousand  and  Fourteen.

Archbishop Metropolitan

The Traditional Roman Catholic Church (formerly known as Old Roman Catholic Church of America) is a body of Christians committed to the Person of Jesus Christ and His teachings. We are a historical part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.


The Traditional Roman Catholic Church (TRCC) has its origins in the Ancient Catholic Church of Utrecht. We are a traditional Catholic Church, defending the Sacred Tradition as passed on  by the Apostles, the Church Fathers, and the Councils, prior to Vatican II.


We welcome you to become a part of our tradition. We are committed to loving parishes, missions, and chapels throughout the world as guided by the Holy Ghost. We are also committed to training and forming men to be sacred priests.

St. Augustine says, "often too, Divine Providence permits even good men to be driven from the congregation of Christ by the turbulent seditions of carnal men. When for the sake of the peace of the Church they patiently endure the insult and injury, and attempt no novelties in the way of heresy or schism, they will teach men how God is to be served with the true disposition and with great sincere charity. The intention of such men is to return when the tumult has subsided. But if that is not permitted because the storm continues or because a fiercer one might be stirred up by their return, they hold fast to their purpose to look to the good even of those responsible for the tumults and commotions that drove them out. They form no separate conventicles (sects) of their own, but defend to the death and assist by their testimony the Faith which they know is preached in the Catholic Church. There the Father Who seeth crowns secretly. It appears that this is a rare kind of Christian, but examples are not lacking. Indeed there are more than can be believed. So Divine Providence uses all kinds of men as examples for the oversight of souls and for the building up of His spiritual people."
(De Vera Religione,  translated)

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