Districts of TCC



Districts of the Traditional Catholics 



The Society of St. Alphonsus Marie de Liguori


Priestly Fraternity  




Farternitias Sacrerdoalis Sanctis Alphonsus Maria de Liguori  










Superior General

(Prime Bishop) 

His Grace

The Most Reverend Sherman R.Pius Mosley, D.D.















District Superior of the United State of America 

His Excellency 

The Most Reverend Layne Jackson. D.D.




















 District Superior of the Continent of Africa

 His Excellency 

The Most Reverend Emile Hippolyte Paglan, D.D.
















Regional Superior of Nigeria

Reverend Father Morris U. Ikeolu 














Regional Superior of the Congo

Reverend Father  Pierre Gondi












 Regional Superior of the Philippines 

Reverend Father Harold Plaza 
















 Regional Superior of Brazil 

Reverend Father Luis M. Thiago