The Number of Missionaries Who Died Violent Deaths Rose in 2018

The Number of Missionaries Who Died Violent Deaths Rose in 2018


Fidèles catholiques au Vietnam.


Over the course of the year 2018, 40 Catholic missionaries were killed throughout the world, which is almost twice the number (23) of those killed the year before, according to the information published by Agenzia Fides on December 29, 2018.


The list of missionaries killed in action last year includes 35 priests, 1 seminarian, and 4 laymen; in Africa, 19 priests, 1 seminarian and 1 layman were killed; in America, 12 priests and 3 laymen; in Asia, 3 priests lost their lives, and in Europe only one. As Agenzia Fides recalls, the list drawn up includes all missionaries who died violent deaths, which includes hatred for the Faith, but also other motives.

Thus, in 2018, many pastoral agents lost their lives in hold-ups and robberies ferociously committed in impoverished, degraded social contexts.

Lastly, we must not forget to include “the long list of the many, of whom perhaps one will never have news or of whom one will never know even the name, who in every corner of the planet suffer or pay with their lives for their faith in Jesus Christ,” concludes the Vatican press agency.